Where do I purchase my herbs? I buy the bulk of my organic herbs from either Frontier Co-op or Star West botanicals unless I can find them locally at a market.

What is an infused oil? The foundation to every single product is an oil infusion. I place dried herbs into a large jar and fill it with an oil of choice. I will sit anywhere from 4-6 weeks in a cool place to infuse. The end product is a medicinal, beautiful oil that contains all the beneficial properties for your skin!

What oils do I use? I only use organic cold pressed avocado, jojoba and coconut oils. There are a few products that have specialty oils like Tamanu or Carrot Seed oil but it is not the majority. I try to limit the PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acid) and focus more on mono and saturated oils like coconut, ghee and avocado.

Do I use essential oils? I do use essential oils in some of my products but there are quite a few offerings without them. If they are included, please know they are Plant Therapy organic and used in moderation. I want all my products to be focused on the whole plant medicine that are gentle and non reactive for those who are extra sensitive. If you are interested in a product and want a version without EO, please contact me and I can do that for you!

What is the shelf life? Please know these are all natural herbal products and do not last as long as store bought skincare. Due to there being some animal sources and the use of hydrosols, if you don’t think you will use the whole product within 6 months, you should store it in the refrigerator for an indefinite amount of time. For best results, store products in a cool, dark place. Make sure to leave the products tightly capped and use only clean, dry fingers or a clean spoon to apply it to your skin. When you expose dirt or water to any natural product that could introduce bacteria into the product and spoil both the products and contaminate your skin! Some things, like body oils, could last much longer like 1-2 years if properly stored.

What if I have a reaction? I urge you to please read every ingredient label thoroughly and know what you are purchasing as to avoid any skin reactions. The ingredients in each product DO CHANGE at times and you need to be aware of what you are putting onto your skin! There will be times ingredients are unavailable in a product and will be swapped out. If you have concerns or sensitivities please email me before purchasing. I cannot refund or get returns on orders if you have a skin reaction to an herb or an essential oil, as this is costly to me as a small business. I ask that all my customers do their due diligence and make sure you are being safe and wise with what you are purchasing.

What is your level of expertise? I am not a professional cosmetic specialist or formulator. I use my knowledge from what I learn from The Herbal Academy courses and from hundreds of hours of my own research, reading and experimentations. I use what I know and have learned over the years about skincare and herbalism to create my own products. Nothing I create is made with the intention of curing or treating disease and should be used with caution and wisdom to your specific allergies and sensitivities.

Can I return a product or get refunded? I cannot recieve returns on orders that were delivered and brought into someone's home as this is a huge safety issue. It also costs me as a business a lot of extra money to do this as I would be throwing away said products. The ONLY refunds I give are for broken or lost packages or if I send the wrong items and need to make it right. With anything you purchase and put on your body, I can never guarantee you will like the product or that your skin will love it. I cannot guarantee that you will not have a reaction or that your skin will not break out. These things happen for many reasons, at different times of the month and I cannot be responsible if your skin isn't happy with the oils or herbs.

How long will it take to get my order? Recieving your order could potentially take up to 2 weeks. Please understand that I run the whole show so I have a LOT to take care of all on my own. You will get an email when you place your order and when it ships out with tracking information. But I do like to stress that this is not Amazon and you most likely won't get it within 4 days. Please give up to 14 business days to recieve your order before reaching out; I truly appreciate this!

Are any of the products vegan? Some products like body oils, serums and scrubs are free from animal products! The majority of salves, balms and butters contain beeswax and some contain grass fed tallow.

Do you use plastic? No. All containers are either heat safe aluminum tins or glass jars and bottles.

Can I place a custom order? ABSOLUTELY! Please email me with any requests and I will do my best to fulfill it!