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Image of Coffee Tallow Lip Gloss
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Coffee Tallow Lip Gloss

A simple lip glass made with Pervian coffee beans infused grass fed tallow, Jamaican Black Castor oil & botanical infused oils to keep your lips supple and soft all year long!

Coffee moisturizes and hydrates skin, reduces pigmentation, and leaves lips with a sheen for a luminous glow. The earthy, roasted aroma and flavor sends signals to our brain that it’s time to “perk” up and get into productivity mode so this is great in times we feel in need of a pick me up!

Tallow is moisturizing, healing, and soothing to our skin. This beautiful animal fat gives lasting moisture to your lips, and thanks to lipids that are similar to that in our own human skin, it actually heals.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil has a powerful omega 3 content that strengthens the rejuvenation properties of damaged skin, helping to heal cracked lips. This oil contains essential fatty acids which act as a natural skin moisturizer thus protecting our skin from drying out.

Olive oil is a gentle moisturizer that gives the skin a healthy glow. It can also improve the elasticity of skin.

How to use:
Roll onto lips as needed!

Organic grass fed tallow infused with Peruvian coffee beans, vanilla bean and cardamom, organic cold pressed jojoba, coconut and olive oils infused with coffee beans, roses and chamomile, Organic Jamaican Castor oil and Vitamin E.

Image of Coffee Tallow Lip Gloss
Image of Coffee Tallow Lip Gloss