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Tummy Tamer Rub

This specific remedy was created with chosen herbs that are effective for easing upset tummy conditions of bloating, cramping, nausea, and pains. Use it at the first sign when you feel the discomfort. A holistic self-care salve for your digestive system support.

Slow intentional medicine, powerful digestive herbs were first infused into avocado oil for weeks to ensure all the herbal constituents were extracted into the oil. After straining, I added a couple essential oils to form this wonderful blend that I crafted into both a salve and an oil roll on.

Ginger has long been used as an herbal remedy to relieve motion sickness, morning sickness, general nausea, and upset stomach and, more recently, post-surgical nausea and chemotherapy-induced nausea. Ginger has also been used to treat and prevent the growth of H pylori, the bacteria responsible for gastric infections and ulcers. A study of 150 women with equally severe menstrual pain compared the pain-relieving properties of ginger to ibuprofen and a prescription NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and found them to be equally effective. abdomen. It helps to remove gas, heartburn, vomiting and acidic eructation. It works well in perking up appetite and relieving nausea.

Black Pepper is known to help with a wide variety of gastrointestinal issues and can help improve the overall digestion process. It does this by stimulating the digestive system, helping to reduce spasms in the intestines and uterus, while also easing symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, and nausea.

Peppermint can help with most forms of pain but can help eliminate symptoms of bloating as well. Peppermint calms stomach muscles, reducing pain from cramping. It also helps eliminate gas from the intestines.

Star Anise is a warming herb that can help with many digestive issues which includes flatulence, cramps, dyspepsia, constipation, and general indigestion. The oil is considered to act just as one antispasmodic within the digestive system.

Chamomile is wonderful for soothing an upset stomach. It relaxes the muscles and lining of the intestines and can help with poor digestion and those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Chamomile has been used traditionally to treat stomach cramps, indigestion, diarrhea, gas, and colic. It helps relax muscle contractions, particularly in the smooth muscles that make up the intestines.

Lemon Balm has a potentially protective effect on the gastrointestinal system. One way it can help soothe digestive issues is by preventing gastric ulcers. There is also some evidence that lemon balm may be useful for constipation, fighting abdominal pain, discomfort and bloating.

Sage is used for digestive problems, including loss of appetite, gas (flatulence), stomach pain (gastritis), diarrhea, bloating, and heartburn. Its depurative property promotes the body’s elimination of toxins by promoting perspiration and its laxative property boosts excretory functions, thereby addressing discomforts such as constipation. Its carminative property promotes relief for digestive complaints, while its anti-fungal properties are reputed to address infections both internally through diffusion and externally through topical application.

Fennel is highly beneficial in indigestion, bloating, flatulence, constipation, colic, intestinal gas, heartburn, and even irritable bowel. This herb stimulates digestion and has carminative effects that soothe the digestive tract and prevent the formation of gas.

How to use:
Scoop desired amount of the salve, rub it on your belly and gently massage in a clockwise motion until well absorbed. Or use the roll on by rolling all over abdomen and massage in the same way. Use as needed.

Organic cold pressed avocado oil infused with organic herbs of ginger, orange peel, black pepper, peppermint, star anise, chamomile, lemon balm, sage and fennel. Organic essential oils of peppermint, ginger Co2 extract and german chamomile.

- Skin Test: apply a small amount on the inside of your forearm to check for sensitivities.
- For external use only.
- Keep away from eyes.

This products is:

-Free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients, detergents, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, EDTAs, chemicals, mineral oils, and petroleum ingredients.

- Free of pesticides, synthetic chemicals, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or growth agents.

-Free of fillers, slipping agents, glycols, silicones, dyes, or preservatives.

-Never tested on animals.

Image of Tummy Tamer Rub
Image of Tummy Tamer Rub
Image of Tummy Tamer Rub
Image of Tummy Tamer Rub